Weddings and Christenings

English Ministry


Congratulations on your engagement!
We believe marriage between a man and a woman is a great thing for the couple, as they publicly commit themselves to each other, and for kids as it provides a more stable home within which they can flourish.

This can be done by one of our ministers, your minister or a non-religious organisation like this one.

Facilities, Cost, Bookings:
Please click the following link to our Booking Form, which includes information about numbers and costs. Click here.



Congratulations on the birth of your child!
We offer two types of Christening Services.

Thanksgiving Christening
This is a less religious service but still gives thanks for your child and prays for God’s blessing on their life. It can be done outside a normal Sunday church service and is ideal for those who are not regular church goers yet still wish to seek God’s blessing for their child. It includes a certificate.

Baptism Christening
This is the more traditional Christening and is more religious. It requires at least one parent to have a genuine faith in Christ and to make serious promises for their child. It’s usually done during a church service, with the intention of continued attendance as per the promise to bring the child up to know Christ. For those who are not current church members, there is a short course to help understand the promises and the service.

Please contact office to find out more.