HTY ONLINE: Isolated but Connected
JTs and WORD Youth are 2 youth bible studies which run on Sunday morning and afternoon respectively at Doncaster. Each group runs the during corresponding family services; JTs during the 10:30am English and Chinese services and WORD Youth during the 1:30pm Chinese service. JTs and WORD Youth are for young people in grades 6 – 12 and are mostly attended by those who come to church on Sunday with their families but of course are not limited to this. At JTs and WORD Youth we have lots of fun together. We eat junk food, play games, pray and read and discuss the bible in small groups. We encourage all who attend JTs and WORD Youth to commit to HTY as well since HTY is the main youth group for both Holy Trinity Doncaster and St John’s Blackburn and is kind of like the Full Version whereas JTs are WORD Youth are Lite Versions. JTs and WORD Youth are run in English but most of the leaders and lots of the youth speak good (or some) Mandarin, particularly at WORD Youth.
For more information, contact Geoff at or try the church office on (03) 9840 2577.Back to Youth here