Weddings and Christenings

English Ministry


Congratulations on your engagement!
We believe marriage between a man and a woman is a great thing for the couple, as they publicly commit themselves to each other, and for kids as it provides a more stable home within which they can flourish.

This can be done by one of our ministers, your minister or a non-religious organisation like this one.

The main church building can hold up to 280 people, while a smaller adjoining chapel can hold up to 70 – both with audio/visual equipment. We also have an area for serving refreshments for approx. 150.

Please ring our office to enquire about availability and/or to view the church.

Varies depending on church membership, but will cover facilities (rehearsal and the day), verger, minister and public liability insurance. There is also a refundable bond required.

Please contact office to find out more.



Congratulations on the birth of your child!
We offer two types of Christening Services.

Thanksgiving Christening
This is a less religious service but still gives thanks for your child and prays for God’s blessing on their life. It is not a long service and can be done outside a normal Sunday church service. It is ideal for those who are not regular church goers yet still wish to seek God’s blessing on their child. It includes a certificate.

Baptism Christening
This is the more traditional Christening and is more religious. It requires at least one parent to have a genuine faith in Christ and to make serious promises for their child. It’s usually done during a church service, with the intention of continued attendance as per the promise to bring the child up to know Christ. For those who are not current church members, there is a short course to help understand the promises and the service.

Please contact office to find out more.